We met Burton at an open house. We happened to be the only ones there at the time so he gave us our own private tour of the house. We loved it but we had not sold our house nor even listed it. We continued looking at others but really liked the first one so much we decided to make an offer. When we called Burton he told us the house had just sold! The next day we listed our house for wale with Burton. .He showed us another in the same development as the first one he showed us which we liked but was out of our price range. We told Burton what we could pay if he sold ours at our asking price. Three days after he had placed the For Sale sign i n our yard he brought an offer at less than 5% below our asking.after quick negotiating on terms we accepted. Now we had a sale for ours but no where to go. Burton continued negotiating on the second one we were looking at, the owner dropped the asking considerably, Burton negotiated more, the seller, the buyer and we all wanted a quick closing so both sales were consummated and closed in just a few more than 30 days. Burton had to negotiate with both parties and their agents throughout all this and made us feel completely assured and confident through all of it. YOU BET WE WOULD RECOMMEND THE KENNEDYS